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If you love Queen and cats as much as I do, we become instant besties, no questions about it!

happy to see you here!

If you’re here, that can mean two things: you’re curious and you’re spying on me (not mad lol) or you’re interested in working together and want to make sure we’re a good fit.

In any case, let’s begin this with why am I so passionate about doing what I’m doing? 

  1. I love creating professional and authentic websites for women who are on a mission to change other’s lives and businesses.
  2. I love making people feel aligned and empowered in their business presence.
  3. To save people from falling into this trap – “I’ll create a website by myself because how difficult could it be?”
  4. That’s my zone of genius.

Let me tell you, it is challenging to create a beautiful website if you’ve never done it before. I know I know, many platforms tell you that creating a website is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but here’s the truth.

Learning how to use their tools might be easy, but if you don’t have an “eye” for design and have no idea how to make a good one – it will be harder than you think. 

I felt into this trap 2 years ago when I knew nothing about websites or design. 

It all started when I realized that I want to do something online because I want freedom. I came across dropshipping and decided to create my own website. 

I had no clue on how to do that, but the platform said that it’s easy like count to 3 and that it takes no time, even if you’re a beginner, so I gave it a shot. 

Soon after I was feeling overwhelmed AF, nothing looked good, and it was just some plain and random design without any deeper meaning. The content wasn’t good either because I didn’t know what makes websites convertible. 

I think I don’t have to say that I didn’t make any sales from that page. I thought I’ll never create another website in my life because it’s too hard. 

But here I am, designing websites. I took various courses online on Graphic Design & WordPress and realized that it’s perfect for me. I’m a person who feels and thinks too much, but says too little, so design is where I can truly express myself. 

Now I’m here to help you create a website that aligns with your business and feels like YOU. ⁠

⁠And guess what, once you have a well-established website, it becomes easier to attract and convert your ideal clients.⁠ They will see you as a trusted expert and will want YOU to solve their problems.

If you want to learn more about my brand and me, scroll down and feel free to do so!

“The most important thing is to live a fabulous life. As long as it’s fabulous, I don’t care how long it is.”

-Freddie Mercury

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want to know me?

1. I like to eat cepelinai (potato dumplings) for breakfast when I’m in Lithuania.

2. I’m obsessed with nature and animals. Even spiders look fascinating to me.

3. I’m a weirdo with INFJ personality type.

4. I’m like a lie detector, I sense when people are lying.

5. I don’t like dishonest, so everything I say comes from my heart.

6. I’m an ambitious perfectionist, I’m not quitting until the job is perfectly done.

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