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Daphne's Desk

When Daphne came to me, she had a DIY website that she was ashamed to show to potential clients. She wanted her website and brand to be girly, fun and empowered. Read below about her experience working with me. 

          When I first came to Sandra, I had a website that I wasn’t proud of showing off at all. But now, I am THRILLED to show off my website! Sandra was very dedicated and detailed from the start. She really listened to what I wanted and she came up with an amazing vision for it all! Not only that, but she really went into the logistics of my website and made it MUCH more user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and customized to my business. She also improved the speed of my site GREATLY and fixed many things that I didn’t even know needed fixing to help with its performance! Sandra also re-did my business branding and picked out new colors, made new logos, and picked new fonts suited to my business and honestly my branding has NEVER been this good! Sandra and I also developed an amazing friendship throughout this journey that I hold dear to my heart! She’s such an amazing person with SO much talent. THANK YOU SANDRA! You rock!

– Daphne Marie

Daphne’s Desk Social Media Management

From the Desk of Lexi

When Lexi came to me, she had a DIY website that still said she’s a VA even tho she pivoted to coaching a long time ago. She loves sunsets and dusk is her favorite time of the day, so you can see that reflecting on the whole website.

mockup of Lexi's website


It was such a great experience working with Sandra because she put forth so much effort to understanding my brand, even to the point where she picked out stock photos that were spot-on in representing what my brand values stand for. Also let me brag on her for a second because she’s legit amazing y’all. I originally approached her about wanting to work with her on my website and after i signed the contract for a WordPress job, I realized that i needed Kajabi’s platform capabilities. Despite never having worked with Kajabi before, she was still open to working together! And can i just say she did amaaazing.

– Lexi Weigl

Business coach @fromthedeskoflexi